Léon Bakst – Kostümentwurf für die Oper “Sadko”





Kostümentwurf für die Oper “Sadko”

BAKST, Léon (1866-1924)

Leon Samoilovitch Bakst (1866-1924) was a Russian painter, stage and costume designer who became world famous for his enchanting sets and elaborate costumes designed for the Ballets Russes.

Hand-colored “au pochoir”, all costume designs for The Ballets Russes.
They were executed at the atelier of Daniel Jacomet, who was a leader in pochoir and worked with masters such as Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Klee, and many others.

From: EINSTEIN, CARL. Leon Bakst.Berlin: Verlag Ernst Wasmuth, [1927].

Size : 32 x 25 cm